The Arctic Whisper Hybrid Bus Will Use Opbrid Charging Stations in Sweden

Arctic-Whisper-Hybrid-Bus-SwedenThe Swedes have taken the green energy seriously. In the northern city of Umea a hybrid bus called “Arctic Whisper” was putted into project.

Using charging stations by Opbrid this hybrid bus will travel up to 18 hours without support from its diesel engine. According to the company, the hybrid bus has need only five minutes stops to recharge in between routes.

The Opbrid Busbaar charging stations recharge a hybrid bus with electricity and with only 1-2 euro can take 10 kilometres compared to 7-8 euro for the engine diesel to move it the same distance. For sure the engine diesel is still there they’ll be firing up the diesel engines only in emergency.

The ongoing effort to have green hybrid bus travel in the city, make the “Arctic Whisper” a challenge for the future. This is cutting edge technology and through it will save a fortune of energy costs.



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