The electric airplane Elektra One could be future champ

Elektra-One-electric-airplane-solar-panelThe last year story of Elektra One a full electric airplane showed you its amazing range of about 300 miles but now they come back with a new version and doubled that range.

The inventive minds behind this electric airplane lighted the fuselage made from high-tech composite material. Now the entire electric airplane weights 400 pounds and could have a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds.

Having a pilot on board, this Elektra One new version can travel just over 600 miles with wig-mounted solar panels and charge thanks.

The Elektra One, this all electric airplane is a single passenger and seems to be more a hobby or a toy for enthusiasts. The price is about $145,000, probably half that of most amateur planes but is making progress.

Nowadays the most popular airplane in the world is Cessna 172. It has a flying range of about 600 nautical miles depending on many factors (weather condition, fuel tank size, weight of passengers). Coming up with a fine tuning (few additional seats and a bit more payload capacity) the Elektra One could have a bright future.

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