The energy efficiency star is the attribute to a quarter of single American homes

Energy-efficiency-star-to-a-quarter-of-single-American-homesAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency –EPA, the 25% of all single family homes were energy efficiency star certified in the US last year.

EPA helps home owners to maximize the energy efficiency of their homes by funding saving devices and techniques to insulate and to prevent the leak of heat.

Approximately 1.2 million homes have earned the Energy Star rating which mean a saving of $350 million off electric bills and avoiding the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to that of roughly 450,000 vehicles.

To achieve the status of energy efficiency, insulated glazing use two or three glass panes in each window. This approach allows visible light to passing through and helps to trap heat in rooms. The space between the windows is filled with a rare gas such as argon. This is actually a use of the greenhouse effect that is positive for the environment and increases the energy efficiency standard.

 “New homes that earn EPA’s Energy Star seal of approval rise above the competition by offering a better quality and value, while allowing homeowners to do their part to keep our communities clean,” said Gina McCarthy, the EPA Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation.

“With Energy Star’s energy-efficient homes, homeowners will cut down on electric bills and emissions to keep our air cleaner and our communities healthier. Reaching this impressive market share milestone for Energy Star qualified homes is an accomplishment for American home buyers and builders and a step in the right direction to better protecting the environment through sustainable living.”



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