The Environmental Energy Innovation Building Completed in Ookayama Campus

The Environmental Energy Innovation Building Completed in Ookayama CampusWhen you take the Tokyu Ooimachi line between Jyugaoka and Ookayama, you will come across a huge building covered in black panels just after you pass by Midorigaoka station.

This is the new Environmental Energy Innovation Building built in Ookayama campus, which was just completed this February.

This building, which will be used for the research of cutting edge environmental energy technologies, is an unprecedented building with energy systems that not only reduce CO2 emissions by 60% or more but also provide sufficient electricity to cover the building’s own consumption.

Energy conservation is achieved through highly efficient equipment, and power is generated via dense installation of solar panels around the building and a highly-efficient fuel cell system in a hybrid distributed power generation system of renewable energy and fossil energy.

The building is also built around a seismic response-controlling structure capable of withstanding large earthquakes, which is achieved by forming a strong “basket-frame” of earthquake energy dissipation braces along the perimeter zones of the building.

The building’s architecture harmoniously blends these advanced functions with the surrounding urban space.

Tokyo Institute of Technology


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