The first solar powered vehicle available in North America

The Solar Bug, solar powered vehicle The Solar Bug is a solar-electric vehicle which travels more than 30 miles on a full charge at speeds up to 35 miles per hour, and can carry two passengers and a small amount of cargo. It has 200 watts of roof-mounted solar power and a proprietary regenerative braking system which converts braking energy into battery storage.
Steve Titus, the Founder and President of Free Drive remains with Free Drive as Vice-President of Technical Development.
“I am thrilled to be working with W2 Energy,” says Steve Titus. “It is my dream for everyone to drive cars that are powered by the sun. W2’s ownership of Free Drive will bring that clean energy concept to reality.”
W2 Energy will sell the Solar Bug in low speed versions which can go 25 miles per hour, and medium speed version which can go up to 35 miles per hour in states that have medium speed electric vehicle (MSEV) laws.
Commuters can get to and from work in the Solar Bug. Military bases, post offices, college campuses and corporations can use the Solar Bug as a service vehicle that requires little or no additional electricity and is nearly maintenance free. The Solar Bug can travel up to 10 miles per day on solar power alone.
The Solar Bug is the first commercially available solar powered vehicle in North America.
W2 Energy will sell the Solar Bug directly to retail customers and will also establish dealers worldwide.
“We think the Solar Bug is a cutting-edge product,” says Michael McLaren CEO for W2 Energy. “The Solar Bug converts power from the sun into transportation energy, and it looks really cool too.”

The Solar Bug Specifications

Supplemental power by high efficiency solar panels (5-10 miles per day) some day 100%. Patent pending on body system design (easily interchanged bodies). High torque small package electric motor and solid state controller.

Top Speed: 25mph (established by LSV requirements)

Range: 30 miles + from fully charged batteries

Solar:  200 watts roof mounted (5-10 miles per day)

Regenerative Braking

Capacity: 2 person

Drive Batteries: 6-12 volt AGM

Battery Charger: Single Bank

4-6 hours recharge: Charge cost: 30-60¢

Acceleration Control: Hand Throttle

Lighting Controls: Finger tip control

Drive: Belt

Safety: Roll Bar Protection with Seat Belts

Body: Fiberglass

Vehicle Weight: 1070 pounds


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