The Future Renewable Energy Advantages According to Risoe

Advantage-of-Renewable-Energy-ResourcesAs we already know the current energy systems are not enough to give this planet the zero emission carbon after all those polluting  protections.

The scope to build new technologies or to bring the existing one together, for a maximum benefit from the entire energy system including energy production, transportation and distribution is focused on solving the situation in both, macro and micro level.

The switch to the renewable energy resources has to be done faster, because despite the full availability of renewable energy resources a large part of the world is still dependent on traditional energy resources such as coal and gas. This over–dependence of these traditional energy resources will lead to extinction of the traditional coal and gas resources and only continuous efforts made to switch over to renewable energy resources will help many countries to have a successful environment policy.

According to Risoe – the Danish National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, by 2050, the world will be in a position to use sources of renewable energy with a very low amount or with no carbon emission. The Risoe energy reports, prepared by the joint efforts of Danish and international experts see the energy issue of today from the perspective of local, regional and the world wide. The new technologies in renewable energy resources have to reach the end user and they are used in items like electronic equipment, heat pumps, local energy supplies such solar cells and energy storage used by people daily basis.

Country like Denmark strong needs to encouraging renewable energy systems right away. The several advantages of using renewable energy resources are the possibility to reduce emission of greenhouse gases, to eliminate traditional fuel like gas and oil, to stop the use of traditional fuel in generating power and heat production by the year 2040 and help to eliminate the use of gas and oil in the transport sector in Denmark by 2050. So will be necessary to invest and take maximum advantage of the developments in renewable energy sector.



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