The Largest North American Wind Turbine Owned by Lincoln Electric

lincoln-electric-wind-turbineA windy shore of Ohio is one of the advantages for the global Lincoln Electric welding manufacturer to set up a giant wind turbine at its Euclid headquarters from USA.

The company ordered 443 foot tall and 2.5 MW wind turbine from Kenersys Europe GmbHand, a German wind turbine manufacturer. It plans to set up an enormous tower in May which will be the largest wind turbine in Ohio and probably one of the largest in North America. For the construction of the 14 foot diameter steel tower of this wind turbine is necessary a giant robotic welding machine that Lincoln Electric sell all over the world.

There is a vision of the Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force is to establish the Cuyahoga region as the hub for a wind energy cluster. In order to extend this campaign, Lincoln Electric ordered last fall the monster 200,000 pound wind powered generator. The three enormous wind turbine blades from Europe were offloaded at the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority on Monday, and the County Executive Ed FitzGerald said:

“This is an important symbolic moment and a substantive moment. It shows we are serious about supporting this emerging industry. We want Greater Cleveland to be on the cutting edge of the renewable energy sector. And we want to do everything we can to promote the Port of Cleveland.”

The chairman of the task force and county prosecutor William Mason stated lauding the efforts and stated:

“The task force has been aggressively pursuing Kenersys for more than 21/2 years. We believe that Kenersys has the expertise and shares our vision for making this region a centre for wind energy in North America.”

The seven sections of the wind tower weld together will weigh 435,461 pounds and reach 266 feet into the air. Each wind turbine has three 159-foot-long sculptured blades weighs more than 24,000 pounds. Lincoln Electric has already poured nearly 600 cubic yards of concrete and 65 tons of steel reinforcing bars, called rebar, to fabricate the reinforced concrete foundation.

The installed wind turbine will also save Lincoln Electric to a colossal annual electric bill of $500,000 by generating 2.5MW at a wind speed of 27 miles per hour by spinning at just 14 rotations per minute. The wind turbine and installation cost of about $5.9 million will be met by Lincoln Electric by financing $4.55 million by its own effort, in addition to taking a loan of $350,000 from the county and receiving a $1 million federal stimulus grant.



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  1. More green jobs, for OTHER countries !! made in Germany !! What a joke, the feds gave a million bucks to a multimillion dollar co !! its like giving welfare and food stamps to Bill Gates !! if they’re gunna save $500,000 a yr on electric bills, then they can foot the bill for the WHOLE thing !! thats the incentive, why give them more money? I actually think the thing is a monster !! Funny, how Govt changed the sign rules so as you drive down the street all gas-stations and such have those short pigmy signs, and the colossal tower is erected no problem? The green wool being pulled over over our eyes !!

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