The Triac: A stylish and safe electric car

Electric VehicleRecently a Californian company named Green Vehicles began selling a $20,000 electric vehicle called the Triac. With a focus on keeping your experience safe and enjoyable, Green Vehicles designed the TRIAC with a center of gravity well below that of most automobiles.

The small but efficient 3-wheeled car has a range up to 100 miles and can travel at 80 mph on the highway. Total time of charging the lithium-ion batteries that power the 20kw electric motor takes about 6 hours. It has an optional capacity boost battery pack available that extends the range by 20% (not included).

In fact, this zero emissions vehicle has the extra advantage of being allowed in the carpool lane with only a single occupant. On the inside the sophisticated design features adorn a passenger cabin exceed the expectation for comfort and space. Throughout TRIAC, modern lines blend with an innovative body style to project the confidence apropos for this truly revolutionary EV. Additionally, each vehicle is equipped with a structural steel cage, employing the same metal skeleton in race –cars to protect passengers in the event of a collision.

The Triac comes in 8 different color combinations and is available from the dealership in San Jose.  From now on your favorite mountain road never felt (or sounded) so sweet as with TRIAC’s precise handling breezing through the S-turns.

The pure electric TRIAC proclaims to the world: “yes, I am going to give progressive people a way to protect what they love; yes I am going to run longer than previous EVs; and yes, I am going to do it in seriously handsome fashion.”

If you think to have a zero emission car now is time to test and buy it.


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