Think City Electric Vehicles First Steps on The Market

think-city-electric-vehiclesApparently a $34,000 price tag isn’t exclusive enough for you to get one of the first 100 Think City electric vehicles.

The aforementioned sticker is meant only for normal retail versions of the green vehicle, a version that just so happens to not truly exist in any meaningful form. To be one of those lucky 100 bringing home the first available Think City electric vehicles, you’ll have to cough up a decidedly heftier chunk of change – $41,695 to be exact.

In addition to these inaugural models, Think City is adding another set of prices for lucky folks living in Indiana (the first state to acquire these electric vehicles), where the normal production electric eco-transports are apparently selling for just $30,050. ‘Course, all this scrutiny over MSRPs is apt to be for naught when gas creeps up to six bucks a gallon, but hey, that would never happen in our lifetime.



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2 Responses to Think City Electric Vehicles First Steps on The Market

  1. I got mine for 22919 before the federal tax credit….been driving it for 3 weeks….love it, especially when I drive by the gas stations!! 🙂

  2. Gregory N. Beemer

    Hi Ironranger,
    Any more where yours came from, want to get out of my 2CV, it requires premium.
    Thanks for a responce.

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