Tissue Repair Using Nanofiber Sphere Developing

Tissue Repair Using Nanofiber Sphere DevelopingResearchers at School of Dentistry from Michigan University have create biodegradable polymers which can self assemble into nanofiber spheres and once injected into wounds help cells to form new tissues.

The whole process of nanofiber sphere developing as a cell in the natural growing environment is very significant advance in dentistry tissue repair says Peter Ma, professor at University of Michigan.

Tissue repair is very difficult with a rate of success extremely limited by a shortage of donor tissue said Ma. The procedure will give hope to people who have certain types of cartilage injuries that do not have many good treatment options available.

Under the tests system using nanofiber has more success than the traditional cell matrix currently used in tissue growth. Until now, there has been no mode to make such a matrix injectable so it’s not been used to distribute cells to complex-shaped wounds, but using nanofiber things are different.

The nanofiber tissue repair group grew as much as three to four times more tissue than the control group, Ma says. The natural next step is to see how the new cell carrier works in larger animals and eventually in people to repair cartilage and other tissue types.



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