Tokyo R&D will test electric trucks to deliery business in Japan

Tokyo-R&D-test-electric-trucks-JapanTokyo R&D a Japanese company demonstrates its commitment to electric vehicles.

They are first in Japan to make practical tests of electric vehicles in Tsukuba City, in fact trucks which will follow to be deliveried.

As a part of an initiative taken by the Ministry of the Environment to reduce carbon emissions, they choose to use the reputation of Tsukuba City as center of scientific research to start tests for electric trucks fleet during twelve months.

This project was started by Tokyo R&D with some partners – ITOCHU and Tokyo’s Institute of Applied Sciences and giant supermarket Kasumi with many stores concentrated mainly in the northern Kanto area.

All electric trucks used in this evaluation have been modified from traditional gas-powered vehicles using special conversion kits (which can also be bought for own truck). The evaluation will be testing the feasibility of the kits just as much as it tests how well electric vehicles work in the delivery business.

All information gathered during tests on the electric vehicles will be carefully evaluated before any further decisions will be made.

Let’s wait some fresh news from them.



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