Toshiba’s SCiB Battery Will Power New Mitsubishi Electric Vehicles

toshiba-scib-electric-vehicleMitsubishi Motors Corporation chooses to power two of its new models of electric vehicles, the i-MiEV and Minicab-MiEV with Toshiba’s SCiB batteries.

This model is breakthrough rechargeable lithium-ion battery which combines high levels of safety with rapid charging and a long life use. Moreover it has an output at very low temperatures (-30ºC) which is very suitable to Electric Vehicles.

The SciB model pushes the life of the lithium-ion battery to support 2.5 times more cycles of charge and discharge than a typical lithium-ion battery. A SCiB battery reaches 80% of its full capacity in some 15 minutes, about 50% in 10 minutes and generally half time of typical lithium-ion battery charged in same conditions. On the other hand the SCiB battery offers a higher effective capacity than a typical lithium-ion battery and combined with regenerating charging during braking allow an additional deliverance of 1.7 times driving distance per level of charge. This idea will contribute to lower the electric vehicles prices by allowing of installation of smaller battery modules.

Mitsubishi will manufacture the SCiB batteries for its new electric vehicles at Toshiba’s Kashiwazaki Operations in Niiagata and will continue to work to have a plant operating structure to respond quickly to market growth and expanding the business for Electric Vehicles, hybrid vehicles and plug in hybrid Electric Vehicles.

By its concentration on motors, inverters and SCiB batteries Toshiba is targeting net sales of about 10 billion USD in 2015.



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