Toyota Camatte a Japanese Concept Car

toyota-camatte-car-concept1During the International Tokyo Toy Show 2012 this June, Toyota has released a new concept vehicle called Toyota Camatte.

This concept car looks like a toy, cute and compact to give fun driving for children and parents.

Camatte offers two models: Camatte Sora and Camatte Daichi.

Toyota Camatte features customizable body easily to remove and install and also a wide range of colour and design combinations.

The body structure of car has been designed to be as simple as possible to be handled by children and parents.


The interior has triangular seating arrangement to create intimacy or to facilitate a better communication.

Pedals and seats are also adjustable to allow a child operate with an adult supervision.



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4 Responses to Toyota Camatte a Japanese Concept Car

  1. Small funky and compact to drive it easily.

  2. Toyota is known as one of the best reputed brand all over the world.THis concept car seems to be amazing it will surely rock in Japan…

  3. excellent exterior and look……..

  4. actually this is a great idea!! this would estimulate childreen to like car and its contruction, maybe could lead to be more informed about cars and its components when they grow up.

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