US’s renewable energy versus nuclear power

US-renewable-energy-vs-nuclear-powerThreehugger published an article based on the information from the Energy Information Agency about renewable energy in United States.

According to the information, in first nine months of 2011 the whole spectrum of renewable energy produced fewer than 12 percent of United States energy while nuclear power produced only about 10.6 percent.

Renewable energy has a whole grew of 14.4 percent in 2011 compared to 2010. At the end of September hydropower produces 4.35 percent of United States power, biomass 3.15 percent, biofuels 2.57percent, and wind power 1.45 percent, geothermal and solar power under 1 percent.

Nuclear power has a small increase and the clean energy solutions are not so much exploited. Looking at the statistics we realize how far we are on the way to a society powered by none polluting and renewable energy sources.

On the other hand we should see that renewable energy has a large variability in the opposite with nuclear power which is working all time long without gaps.

This could be a never ending story…



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