Volta solar charger suitable for outdoor adventurer

volta-solar-charger-sun-energyVolta Solar Charger is a useful tool designed to accompany the outdoor adventurers.

This is another kind of lifestyle when loose the luxury and choose to live outdoor 24 hours a day only this charger become the nicest companion.

Solar charger can be used as solar charging hub to charge all your gadgets and devices necessary into the wild. Due to its size the Volta Solar Charger can handle your laptop, cell phone, camera and many more devices and has 2 standards, AC/DC plugs and mini USB charging ports.

The solar panels fold out from its main body as two wings that can be adjusted at every angle for maximum amount of sun energy.  The adjusting mechanism allows it to increase energy up to 30%.  It has also a lightweight to be carried everywhere.

The solar charger has a removable battery for backup in case of lack of sun energy but when the sunlight is from abundance you can charge another one as backup.



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