Volvo C30 Electric Vehicle Model Will Be Launched Till the End Of 2012

volvo-c30-electric-vehicleElectric cars attracted a considerable international attention and possible for this reason Volvo Car Corporation is focused on a highly ambitious electrification strategy for the future years.

Volvo already announced the commencing of its C30 Electric vehicle model production. Battery powered C30 Electric vehicle model will be manufactured and delivered to European customers from Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Belgium. Volvo representative says that by the end of 2012 more than 250 pieces of C30 electric vehicle model will be built and their number could be higher if needed.

The C30 Electric vehicle model is being assembled in Volvo factory from Ghent, Belgium, and then the vehicle is transferred to Göteborg, Sweden for installation of the electric motor, the lithium battery pack and other electronics. The batteries are installed instead of the fuel tank and in the central tunnel of the electric car to not affect the luggage compartment, the inner space and comfort.

The C30 Electric Vehicle model could be recharged at a regular household power socket in about 7 hours for a fully recharge. This way the electric car will have an operating range up to 150 kilometres and a top speed of 130km/h with acceleration from 0 to 50km/h (0 to 31mph) of four seconds.

Talking about price the automaker says that for this electric car there is no option to buy only to rent. The price for three year rental is about $76,674 and that means the charge is around $2,100 monthly. How looks the price for you?



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