Watertube an eco gadget to provide drinking water in remote areas

watertube-eco-gadget-drinking-waterMore than 75 percent of the Earth surface is covered by water and probably only 2.5 percent of it is fresh water.

Only 0.3 percents of that water can be found on the Earth’s surface as rivers and lakes while the rest is buried deep in the ground.

In order to have drinking water an eco gadget has designed by lee HyunJin, Choi Hyuncheol and Kwon Yun Jeong. Called Watertube this eco gadget can provide drinking water for people in remote areas. It utilize the distillation technique, it filters and stores water for future use.

Watertube has a doughnut shaped container that can be used to collect, distil and store water. The rubber top with slight curve allows it to be carried comfortably by users. Human communities from remote areas need such eco gadget.



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