Wave Jet a Personal Electric Vehicle on Water

wavejet-electric-vehicleYet another toy, you’ll be attempting to say when you will use Wave Jet as electric vehicle.

This big toy isn’t only for children but even for adult surfers. Being a patented Personal Water Propulsion engine Wave Jet was designed to be used as personal watercraft, surfboard, kayak, kite board, rescue board or light boat.

Seeing Wave Jet as electric vehicle it is powered by a twin-lithium ion battery pack and has a continuous runtime of about 30 minutes. It is capable of 20 pounds of thrust and is two or three times faster than paddling a surfboard.

Wave Jet is light, quiet and safe and most important, can be used in shallow water when paddles and oars are ineffective and outboards cannot be used at all.

Wave Jet technology gives many advantages: help you to move faster and conserve your strength for important difficult moments, incite you to action and keeps you out of danger. By using this electric vehicle the surfers will spend more time riding and less time waiting the wave. Even lifeguards will save more swimmers with this so-called electric vehicle.



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