Whiskey as Alternative Fuel for Kentucky’s Man Car

alternative-fuel-kentucky-man-whiskey-powered-carA world full of worries about depleting oil resources is wondering about alternative fuel sources.

A man from Kentucky found alternative fuel solution, he build a car that runs on bourbon whiskey. The Kentucky man called Mickey Nilsson from Bardstown with his own flair to tinker with automotive parts it used for this project an idea from a musical Chittty Chitty Bang Bang to build a magical flying car built from a junk.

As Nilsson says, last October he had a knock at his door and: “The two knuckleheads from TV show American Pickers (Mike Wolf and Frank Fritz) stopped by here trying to steal from me offering me $200 for my old stuff and said I had no use for it since moonshine was illegal. Although I did sell the chubby one with the beard oil can for $40 before they ticked me off.”

This incident motivated him to build an alternative fuel car using whiskey from his junk collection. The magic car was ready in six months but the alternative fuel costs were a little bit expensive. The average price of whiskey is about 24$ but with gasoline price of today you could have a skyrocket.

Nilsson’s concept car consumer will be released to the public by 2014. He tried many names for his whiskey guzzling car now being referred as Nissan Nilsson. Researches for alternative fuel car are done in many parts of the world. Scottish scientists are working on an alternative fuel, Scotch whiskey derived fuel which has 30% more energy than ethanol. All these tests, dream or fantasy will turn into reality some day. We are waiting for that day.



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