Wi-Fi to be removed from schools in Canada for the children health safe

Wi-Fi-Canada-School-SafeSeems that happens, parents took position about using of Wi-Fi in classrooms being aware about how negative the radiofrequency is influencing the health of children.

A group of parents kept their children out of school last month, to protest the use of Wi-Fi in classrooms. More than 40 people joined a picket line outside the York Region District School Board offices in Aurora, Canada.

Parents are concerned that Wi-Fi could be exposing their children to radiation six hours a day, five days a week for 40 the weeks of the year, school spokeswoman Christine Marrin said. “There have been no studies on children to determine whether that level of exposure for that length of time is safe,” Marrin added.

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) warned earlier this year, about a possible link between radiation from Wi-Fi devices such as cellphones and cancer. Some believe wireless access to the Internet could pose similar risks, but while Health Canada cautioned parents to limit the use of cellphones by children, it said that based on scientific evidence, low-level exposure to Wi-Fi is not dangerous.

“This is the first generation of children that has been in that particular learning environment, so how Health Canada can say that it’s safe, is really quite a mystery to us,” Marrin said.

The Ontario government said in June it would examine the W.H.O. warning but wouldn’t take any immediate action to require warnings on wireless devices. The legislative buildings in Toronto will themselves soon have Wi-Fi.

Ontario Education Minister Laurel Broten says it’s up to school boards in the province to make decisions about whether to use Wi-Fi or not. “The best available information clearly indicates at this point in time that it is safe,” said Broten. “I am not a scientist but I can tell you it is important to us that our schools are safe and we believe that school boards each and every day make decisions to make sure that kids are safe in their schools.”

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says she realizes many parents are concerned about the issue.

Some Canadian private schools and at least one public school board in British Columbia have removed or strictly limited Wi-Fi due to safety concerns. But York Region and many other public school boards across Canada continue to use it standing behind Health Canada’s assertion that Wi-Fi is safe for children.

Probably the decision makers need proofs or are not personally involved, so let’s hope they are doing well…



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