Wind powered electric car built by a Chinese farmer

Wind-powered-electric-car-Chinese-farmerAn innovative Chinese farmer 90 year old, named Tang Zhengping, decided to go green by building an electric car that use wind energy.

He decided to use its experience in electronics to build a small electric car working three months on the project. The wind powered car measures1 meterhigh and3 meterslength can touch a speed of up to 90mph.

This wind powered vehicle is using electric generators and batteries which are recharged by the spinning fan on the front and also two solar energy wings at rear.

According to inventor, the electric car “lasts longer than an ordinary EV owning to its generators. While one works, the other charges and vice versa.” Every two days the batteries need to be charged.  Extra power when the car moves is delivered by the wings and fan.

Its speed is very impressive, even much more because the electric car isn’t produced by a factory and because it use only renewables.  This should be an example for each one of us who like electric vehicles.

After an effort of five yearsChinabecomes the largest market for wind energy, only last year they invest in sector about 30 billion pounds.



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