Wind Turbines Revolution in Gdansk

wind-power-wind-turbine-gdansk-polish-green-projectAn historical moment for Gdansk Citiy was in 1980 when some 17,000 ship builders went on strike to change the comunist government.

 Thirty years later, the same shipyard city shock the world in a green sense. All clean targets seted out by European Union and the hard decision of Germans to shut down its nuclear power plants by 2022 have generate an important emulation in Poland for increasing production of its offshore wind power. One of the most important reasons for choosing wind power to have electricity is the fact that 90 percent of the country’s electricity comes from coal.

 Recently France Presse reported that Gdansk Shipyard looks well positioned, has the advantage of highly skilled welders and access to shipping routes. According to Invest GDA, the company choosed to promote foreign investments in the area of Gdansk, the shipyard can produce 100 wind turbines a year. The number of wind turbines will be doubled till 2012 as a plan to build the largest wind turbines manufacturing center in Poland.

 The managing director of Nordex Poland, Patrick Lefebvre said that: “Wind power energy has not only a huge potential in producing clean energy but also in terms of creating new workplaces in Poland,” and has already placed orders for Gdansk-built turbines.



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