Zero Carbon Emission Trimaran Inspired by Manta Ray Mystical Creature

Solar-Odyssey-zero-carbon-emission-Manta RayThis is one of those stunning designs that will woo you the moment you lay your eyes on it. Solar Odyssey was designed to circumnavigate the Atlantic Ocean with zero carbon emissions.

While it is one thing to think about it and conjure up a model, it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to actually getting one out in the ocean. To their credit, Lemer Pax from Nantes, France have done it in some style!

Solar Odyssey is a trimaran that has its design inspired by one of the mystical and awe-inspiring creature of the oceans- the Manta ray. The unusual, yet captivating build of Solar Odyssey allows it to sport a wide assortment of photovoltaic panels that help propel it with zero carbon emissions. There is no doubt that the world’s oceans could use less carbon content and Solar Odyssey achieves just that.

The iconic trimaran is 60 feet long and sports 1184 square feet of photovoltaic panels on the top which spread out like the wings of the manta ray to give the maximum possible solar energy while maximizing the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels. Its narrow, sleek design and clean energy allow it to hit top speeds of 33 knots when needed.

As it moves across the Atlantic and then on a possible trip across the globe, the team calculates its average speed will be around 8 knots and it will make the entire journey on zero carbon emissions. Solar Odyssey itself was designed from recycled parts of other boats to further spread the message of eco-consciousness and to encourage recycling and reuse.

In intent, design and execution, Solar Odyssey stands out from the crowd with its inspiration of the Manta ray creature and has nothing but green interest at heart that makes it one of the most promising projects we have seen so far in 2011.



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