Nomad portable solar lamp another eco gadget using LED technology

O-Sun_Nomad_eco-gadget-solar-lampSolar powered lighting lamp is the solution for many populations in isolated areas for the family home or for camping adventures.

Nomad solar lamp has been developed as a eco gadget by the Belgium Company O-Sun and is similar to Wakawaka, LED lamp and other.

First idea of creating the Nomad solar lamp was to meet the needs of families in developing countries. The simple solar lamp design includes a single button for three different lighting settings, is protected by a silicon disk to be placed on the ground and offers up to 6 hours of full light or 35 hours at 15 percent output. The Nomad solar lamp can easily be suspended above a table or to be used like a classic lantern.

The eco gadget has a separate solar charger that can be very easy affixed on the walls or in other places under the sunlight and can be also charged with a USB plug for cloudy days or office use.

The solar lamp use LED technology, eco friendly materials and is powered by a lithium ion battery. If you think to buy in one, it will be available for the retail market from September 2012 at an estimated cost of €95 (US$125).

The O-Sun team intend to distribute the solar lamp to developing countries with help of NGO’s, government support and micro-credit organizations at a reduce price.

Source Gizmag


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